Our Digital Care Transformation
(DCTx) team

Our Digital Care Transformation (DCTx) team
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    Marie-Noel Achkar
    Head of DCTx Incubator Operations

    Marie-Noel is passionate about solving challenges in healthcare and shaping the future of health. She oversees the daily needs of the selected startups to achieve their goals.

  • Eric
    Erik Janssen
    Head of DCTx Immunology

    Erik is a healthcare executive with a passion for making a difference by creating partnerships and by transforming how care is delivered to patients with chronic diseases in rheumatology and dermatology.

  • Colin
    Colin Lake
    Head of DCTx Neurology

    Colin spearheads UCB’s efforts to improve the support for patients and key stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem by driving UCB’s ambitious digital agenda for neurology

Partnering for greater impact

We cannot solve the most complex challenges in healthcare on our own, which is why we have partnered with innovation and corporate venturing specialist The Bakery, who are committed to create with us a world-class incubation program to serve startups around the world. 


Want to see what ventures we have been working with?

We partner with healthcare’s most talented start-ups, to generate pioneering innovations that enable patients with severe and chronic diseases to enjoy better, healthier lives. 

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