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By focusing on friction points in the care pathway and investigating horizontal integration, we create value for patients and the healthcare ecosystem while actively participating in ecosystem-value distribution.


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Bingli Testimonial

"As a founding team we had lots of experience working with doctors, but going out to hospitals can be tough, especially with a disease agnostic platform like ours.

UCB was one of the first big Pharma companies we had really spoken to. It was wonderfully reassuring to get positive feedback from experts who really knew how to help us clearly identify both the value and potential RoI of our technology.

Having a world renowned brand in our corner creates a positive aura when we talk to both clients and investors; people understand that UCB will have done a certain about of due diligence on us and this brings great credibility.

Working together and co-creating with UCB has allowed us to develop a concrete focus and a far higher scientific knowledge of the diseases we address, which reflects really well on us a a company."


Tom Van De Putte

Co-Founder – Bingli

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Neuroventis Testimonial

“Our business idea sprouted during a UCB Hackathon and ever since UCB believed in our solution and supported us to make that dream come true. However, building a healthcare business can be incredibly challenging. Scalable revenues are not available from day 1, but working with UCB who are open to innovation can help early-stage companies blossom and grow. Like they did for us. UCB took a leap of faith and contributed to our growth by trusting Neuroventis as a supplier of innovative services to patients and healthcare professionals, which was a real milestone for our company and team.

There is a French term, “bienveillance” which translates as mutual caring, which nicely summarises our relationship with UCB. Next to the value they brought to our company, UCB also reaps the benefits from our innovative solution for their business.”


Jonathan Schreiber

CEO & Co-Founder – Neuroventis


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