Introducing UCB’s Newest Incubator Program Participants: Wisdo Health and NeuroHelp

27 Jul 2023
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We are thrilled to announce that two innovative startups, Wisdo Health and NeuroHelp, have joined the UCB Digital Health Incubator Program. These companies are making significant strides in digital health technology, and we are excited to support their journey towards positive impact. 

Wisdo Health, founded by Boaz Gaon in 2018 is a New York City based Series A startup that is building a research-proven social health platform aimed at reducing the harmful impact of loneliness and social isolation on health outcomes, costs, and engagement in care. Their AI and evidence-driven online peer support communities have been accessed by over 500,000 people to date and cater to individuals experiencing life challenges, mental health issues, and chronic conditions. During their incubation period with UCB, we aim to explore how Wisdo Health’s solutions can enhance mental health measures, improve quality of life and combat loneliness within specific patient populations. Having partnered with health plans and state agencies, this will be Wisdo Health’s first foray into collaborating with a life science leader. 

The second addition to our program is NeuroHelp, a pre-seed startup based out of Ramat Gan, Israel and co-founded by Nadav Karni (CEO), Oren Shriki (CTO), Hadar Ron (Chairperson), and Shay Ben-Sasson (VP, R&D). NeuroHelp is focused on developing Epiness™, a wearable neurotechnological solution, integrating advanced Machine and Deep Learning techniques for epileptic seizures’ detection and prediction. Epiness™ addresses the pressing problem of unpredictable seizures, which a significant population of epilepsy patients suffer from. NeuroHelp's innovative approach not only empowers patients by allowing them to start taking control of their situation, but also enables clinicians to improve patient care outcomes by providing high quality patient data, turning epilepsy into a disorder that does not limit the ability of patients to enjoy common activities and is no longer life-threatening. 


Throughout the duration of the Incubator Program, we will work closely with Wisdo Health and NeuroHelp, to support them in the delivery of solutions, peace of mind and better opportunities to people living with severe diseases. Since we cannot work to solve the most complex challenges in healthcare on our own, we are investing in meaningful relationships with those who share our vision. 

To learn more about our incubation program, apply to become a part of it, or stay updated on the latest startups joining our initiative, please visit our website at You can also reach out to us via email at 

We are excited about the potential of Wisdo Health and NeuroHelp, and we look forward to seeing them grow together with other talented start-ups, to generate pioneering innovations that enable patients with severe and chronic diseases to enjoy better, healthier lives. 

Together, let’s shape the future of care through Digital Business Transformation.