Introducing UCB’s Newest Incubator Program Participant: thymia

19 Oct 2023
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We are thrilled to announce our latest addition to the UCB Digital Health Incubator Program- thymia, a startup which is making significant strides in digital mental health technology.

 thymia is a London-based seed-stage startup founded in 2020 by Emilia Molimpakis (CEO), Gabrielle Powell (COO) and Stefano Goria (CTO).

thymia has developed a digital mental health assessment tool that uses AI to analyze “biomarkers” across video, audio, and behavioral data to pinpoint and monitor mental health problems.

thymia’s goal is to make mental health more visible and measurable by making it easier for clinicians and employers to assess and track mental health symptoms and wellbeing indicators - from depression to burnout.

 During the program, we intend to explore how thymia’s technology can enhance mental well-being and power the accurate measurement of mental health conditions in specific patient populations. 

thymia, along with other startups in the current incubator, will be taking part in The UCB Digital Health Incubator’s Startup Pitch Day on 29th Nov 2023.[KD1]  We are excited to see all the pitches during the event, which will include senior UCB executives as part of the jury as well as have other UCB stakeholders, ecosystem partners, and VCs in attendance.

To learn more about our upcoming Startup Pitch Day, the incubation program, or stay updated on the latest startups joining our initiative, please visit our website at You can also reach out to us via email at

Together, let’s shape the future of care through Digital Business Transformation.