Introducing Two Additional Ventures to our 2023 Program: Albus Health and Nevaro

27 Sep 2023
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We are thrilled to announce that two innovative startups, Albus Health and Nevaro, have joined the UCB Digital Health Incubator Program. These companies are making significant strides in digital health technology, and we are excited to support their journey towards positive impact. 

Albus Health, founded in 2017, is an Oxford, UK-based pre-seed (grant stage) startup founded by Mikesh Udani (CEO) and Dr. William Do (Medical Director). They have developed a contactless, multi-sensor platform that guarantees the collection of nocturnal parameters without any patient burden. Using a small table-top device, their platform monitors a wide range of nighttime physiological (such as respiratory rate and cough) and environmental metrics (such as temperature and humidity) to provide continuous, objective, and longitudinal monitoring of healthcare information. 

Nevaro, founded in 2018, is a seed-stage startup based out of Lisboa, Portugal, and led by Rita Maçorano (CEO), Francisca Canais (COO), and Hugo Alexandre Ferreira (CSO). Their solution is provided to users in the form of a mobile app and helps improve mental well-being, avoid burnout, self-monitor for symptoms of illness, as well as complementing psychotherapy treatments through gaming and physiological computing. Another important use case is for optimizing healthcare systems by measuring and tracking key performance metrics of medical teams. Nevaro’s overarching goal is to develop solutions to prevent mental health issues before they arise or, once they have been identified- to prevent them from worsening.  


Throughout the duration of the Incubator Program, we will work closely with Albus Health and Nevaro to support them in the delivery of solutions, peace of mind, and better opportunities to people living with severe diseases.  

Since we cannot work to solve the most complex challenges in healthcare on our own, we are investing in meaningful relationships with those who share our vision. 

To learn more about our incubation program, apply to become a part of it, or stay updated on the latest startups joining our initiative, please visit our website at You can also reach out to us via email at 

We are excited about the potential of Albus Health and Nevaro, and we look forward to seeing them grow together with other talented start-ups to generate pioneering innovations that enable patients with severe and chronic diseases to enjoy better, healthier lives. 

Together, let’s shape the future of care through Digital Business Transformation.