Two further ventures join DCTx Incubator

Thyago Ohana
24 Jul 2022
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Our Digital Care Transformation team is delighted to announce a further two participants into the DCTx Incubator.

Our latest partner ventures could each have a major impact on global healthcare and we are excited to take these first steps on our journey together.

Voice technology that can act as an biomarker of disease

PeakProfiling combines voice analytics based on quantitative musicology of sound patterns with Machine Learning methods. Several clinical studies have already demonstrated that this technology can serve as a valid predictor of certain clinical conditions.

Julia Amunts of PeakProfiling “Working alongside the team of UCB will support us in validating our voice technology that can potentially act as an biomarker for a wide range of diseases. This collaboration entirely fits in our mission developing individualised digital solutions to support the patients journey from early diagnosis to disease monitoring.”

Delivering accessible, drug-free, digital wellness through VR based technology

VRx Medical is an immersive digital therapeutics company founded in California by Garland Wong and Paul Lafferty. Their mission is to deliver accessible, drug-free, digital wellness through immersive VR technology.

Bringing together virtual and augmented reality to the fingertips of patients, providing a wide range of therapies that can integrate into their lifestyles.

Garland of VRx Medical comments "VRx Medical is proud and excited to work with the team at UCB. Together, we hope to optimize our digital therapeutic designed to improve the quality of life for patients suffering from chronic pain”.

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