DCTx Innovation Incubator welcomes Epihunter

Thyago Ohana
24 Jul 2022
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Epihunter is a pioneering digital therapeutics company focused on enabling those with brain disorders to participate more fully in society. Their huge step forward towards accessibility for epilepsy-sufferers started with a question from a son to his father - "Dad, you work in digital, can you create a light that turns on when my brain switches off?".

That statement of need led to the business being founded in 2017, with the first device coming along in 2018 to help detect, log and signal silent absence seizures.

Epihunter solutions apply real-time AI to third-party wearable EEG for real-time digital interventions - reducing the conditions’ daily life impact while generating real-world data for better diagnosis, treatment and new therapies.

The company has already created, clinically validated and commercialised a beachhead for absence epilepsy in Europe & Australasia and is now setting up co-development collaborations for a future product pipeline of 13 products in epilepsy and other brain disorders.

Epihunter will work with UCB’s DCTx team to learn how digital can help create an impactful solution for patients suffering from rare forms of epilepsy and other neurological conditions.

During the program, the venture will identify with the support of real-world partners in the healthcare ecosystem, a sustainable digital health business model to scale while delivering the most benefit to patients and HCPs.

As Epihunter Founder, Tim Buckinx says, “We’re very excited to work hand-in-hand with UCB experts on current and future offerings for a deep impact on the daily lives of families with epilepsy and their clinical care pathways. The strongly aligned missions of Epihunter and UCB will come alive in the DCTx Incubator.”

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